About Me


dan avenell avenellart

Hi, my name is Dan Avenell, and I'm a professional artist,  based in London, UK.  Welcome to my official website.

I usually create my art with pen and ink, then scan it into Photoshop and finish digitally. I also work in traditional media such as acrylics, oils, and the silk-screen process. 

Several years I had an accident that severely restricted my mobility - fortunately it doesn't stop me from creating new work, and running this website.

I enjoy working on a wide range of different projects, as such, the pieces on this site are a mix of commissioned work and things I did for fun that I thought were worth putting on the site or selling as prints.

My aim is to produce art or t-shirts that people will love, that will make them happy, and I do my best to run this site seamlessly so as not to detract from that experience.